Monday, July 21, 2014

News: Leer/Beard, Park Point 5 Photos, Harrier Half, Influence of iPods, NCAA lawsuits, World Juniors

Will Leer announces on Twitter that the beard has gone HERE.

Grandma's Park Point 5-Mile photo album is HERE.

Perham Focus on the Harrier Half and 5K HERE.

Runners' World on the influence of music on running HERE.

NCAA lawsuits and their potential influence on college sports HERE.

List of World Bests for female Juniors HERE men HERE; bests for female US Juniors HERE, men HERE.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Garrett Heath Second in Sainsbury's Anniversary Games 2-Mile in Central London

Finish of the 2-Mile on the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace in
Bernard Lagat and Garrett Heath went one, two in the two mile at Sainsbury's Anniversary Games in Central London on Sunday.  Lagat ran 8:27 and Heath 8:29.  Result is HERE.  GArrett heath and friends at Big Ben HERE.

USATF MASTERS: Updated: Langenfeld Wins M75 HJ; Sagedahl M75 1500; Etter, Kleyman 3rd; Loyd 8th; Schoffman on 1st and 3rd Place Relay Teams

Tom Langenfeld won the M75 high jump on fewer misses on Sunday at the final day of the USATF Masters Championships in North Carolina.  Both Langenfeld and runner-up Bernhard Stamm cleared 1.35m/4'5.2".  Langenfeld did not misses until the pair attempted 1.4m, while Stamm missed twice before clearing 1.35m. Result is HERE. Carl Etter followed up his triumphs in the long and triple jumps with a third place finish in the M70 high jump.  Etter cleared 1.30m/4'3.2". Result is HERE. Sherwood Sagedahl finished his marathon weekend with a win in the M75 1500 in 6:04.75.  Result is HERE. Sagedahl was also third in the M75 200 in 30.96.  Result is HERE.

Rick Kleyman was runner-up in the M70 1500 in 6:25.12. Result is HERE. Susan Loyd was eighth in the W55 200 in 33.67.  Result is HERE  Jim Schoffman led off the Mass Velocity 4 by 400 relay team that won in 4:18.55. Result is HERE. He also ran on the third place finishing Mass Velocity 4 by 100 meter relay team that was timed in 57.78.  Result is HERE. "On the 4 x 100 relay I dropped the baton on the exchange," said Schoffman.  First time ever. My teammate Roger Pierce is yelling at me to pick it up. I go to pick it up and I kick it even further. Just like Bill Cosby's comedy bit. Finally I get it picked up Our commanding lead is gone, and I salvage a 3rd.

"Roger told he had the baton in my hand but my hand wasn't opened very far. Then it hit me I have Duputren's contracture in my left hand which keeps me from opening my hand all the way. The joys and challenges on being a master athlete. I'm having surgery this fall to correct the problem."

A couple more results we missed in early reporting: LaCrescent's Peter Haack finished fourth in both the M35 200(23.87) and 400(52.75).  Eagan's Michael Moser seventh in the M60 High Jump clearing 1.15M/3'9.3".

The Hopkins Raspberry Run in Pictures

They're off at the start of the Raspberry Run 5-Miler.  Winner John Klecker(7),
runner up Reed Rischer(515) lead the pack. Photo by Jim Ferstle

Women's runner-up Elaina Schellhaass(548). Photo by Jim Ferstle

The middle of the pack coming off the starting line. Photo by Jim Ferstle

On only a "warm" day for the Hopkins race, one runner
takes no chances, carrying her fluids like a football
running back. Photo by Jim Ferstle
A police escort for the back of the pack. Photo by Jim Ferstle

The Hopkins XC team hands out water to sixth place finisher Tony Bye.
Photo by Jim Ferstle

Jay Biwer ready for a shower and a cup of water with about a mile
to go. Photo by Jim Ferstle

The Raspberry Mile begins with winner Justin Grunewald(131) out front,
5-mile winner John Klecker(7), and Philip Richert(555), who will finish
second and third, respectively. Photo by Jim Ferstle

Back at the 5-mile starting line, the races are done, but the cricket match
goes on. Photo by Jim Ferstle

Full results for 5-Mile and 1-Mile are HERE.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Updated: USATF Masters Champs: Etter, Sagedahl, Lykken, Loyd, Schoffman in Action

Duluth's Carl Etter won his second USATF Masters title on Saturday taking the M70 triple jump with a leap of 8.96m/29'4.75". Result is HERE.  Fairmont's Sherwood Sagedahl finished fourth in the M75 javelin launching the spear 29.60m/97'1.4".  Result is HERE. He was also sixth in the 100 in 15.19. Result is HERE.  Susan Loyd was seventh in the W55 100 in 15.87. Result is HERE. Owatonna's Paul Lykken is defending champion in the M50 javelin, which has no final results posted as yet HERE. Appears to scoring glitches with what appears to be place listings, but no stats on the individuals' performances.

In the prelims of the M60 200 Jim Schoffman finished ninth in 28.17.  Result is HERE.

Results have been spotty.  For example, there is a video of the 800 from Thursday, but no results for the M60-64 or 65-69.  The video of the fast heat from the M60 800 is HERE.  Schoffman, who finished third, reports: "The 800 was  a tactical race. Nolan Shaheed, the current world record holder(M60)  set the pace and gave me a gift of a 71 first 400. I held on for third. My stiff Achilles kept me from finishing better than  ninth in the 200 so I didn't advance. The weather has been great."

You can hear the announcer in the video of the 800 noting that Shaheed is 65 and running in the heat with the 60-64 runners. But, Shaeed turned 65 on Friday, not Thursday, so he was still 64 when he ran the 800. He finished second.  There were also issues in measurements.  The 100 meters, turned out to be 99.95 meters, and the meet officials had to use a tape for the starting line to allow the runners to go the correct distance.  All this is detailed in Ken Stone's Masters News HERE.

In Heusden, Leer Wins 1500; Abda Wins 800 B Race; Kampf PRs in 1500; Finan Wins 5K C Race; Grunewald 3rd in Madrid 3K

Photo timer finish picture for the 800 B race. Abda is on the far right...
A day for PRs in the Netherlands. Will Leer runs a PR of 3:34.26 to win the 1500.  Gopher grad Harun Abda won the 800 B race in 1:45.55 and Team USA Minnesota's Heather Kampf finished tenth in KBC Nacht 1500 in 4:06.16, a PR.  1500 result is HERE.   800 is HERE. Abda's time of 1:45.55 ties his PR.
Tem USA Minnesota's Eric Finan won the 5000 C race in 13:37.41, another PR. Jon Peterson was eighth in 13:49.98. Result is HERE. "Despite a neighbor on the starting line attempting to swing dance with me, I still ran a 1 sec PR today" wrote Kampf on Twitter. "Happy for that, certain I'm better."

In Madrid at the 32nd Meeting Madrid IAAF World Challenge event Gabe Grunewald finished third in the 3K in 8:52.39. Result is HERE.

Shawn Francis vaulting in Mexico on Sunday HERE.

Friday, July 18, 2014

UPDATED: Carl Etter Wins M70 LJ; Sagedahl Takes M75 400, 2nd in LJ; Schoffman 3rd in M60 400; Loyd 4th in W55 400 at US Masters Champs

Carl Etter won the men's M70 long jump on Friday at the USATF Masters Outdoor Championships in North Carolina with a leap of 4.32m/14'2.1"  Result is HERE. Sherwood Sagedahl won his second event by taking the M75 400 in 1:09.80.  Result is HERE. Sagedahl was also second in the M75 long jump with a leap of  3.77m/12'4.4".  Result is HERE.  Jim Schoffman was third in the M60 400 in 1:00.98.  Result is HERE. Susan Loyd finished fourth in the W55 400 in 1:15.25. Result is HERE.

In prelims, Loyd was eighth in the 100 prelims in 15.94. Result is HERE.  Sagedahl was sixth in the M75 100 prelims in 14.97. Result is HERE

News: Špotáková/Roesler, Willis; Grunewald: Park Point 5-Mile

Gopher grad Barbora Špotáková continued her winning streak in Europe as she won the Monaco Diamond League javelin on Friday with a throw of 66.96m/219'8.2"  Laura Roesler was seventh in the 800 in 1:59.44.

Nick Willis on achieving his lifetime goal of running under 3:30 in the 1500 HERE.

Team USA Minnesota's Gabe Grunewald provides several photos from Madrid HERE. She's running the 3K in the Meeting de Atletismo

Scott Behling wins in 25:46 in the Park Point 5-Miile

Amanda Boman first female finisher in 30:10
Park Point 5-Mile Results are HERE.

Team USA Minnesota's Eric Finan and Jon Peterson will run the 5K and Heather Kampf the 1500 at the  KBC Nacht meet in Heusden.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

USATF Masters Championships Begin With a World Record for Sherwood Sagedahl

Sherwood Sagedahl
from Tom Langenfeld
Beginning an ambitious schedule for the 2014 US Masters Championships at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, North Carolina, newly turned M75 Sherwood Sagedahl scored 4,060 points in the pentathlon.  A new World Record for M75, Sagedahl broke the old mark of 3.733 by Germany's Edmund Selb, which was set in 2002.  Robert Hewitt had the previous American record of 3,510 set in 2008.  Sagedahl also holds the M70 World Record in the event of 3806 set in 2012.

In prelims, Jim Schoffman won his heat in the M60 400 meters in 61.63, the second fastest time in the prelims.  Video of the race is HERE. Susan Loyd ran in the W55 400 prelims.  The is a glitch in the results which appear to show the finish place of the runners, but cut off the part of the team column and the third column where the results should be.  Thus, if this is correct, means that Susan Loyd finished with the fourth fastest time in the W55 prelims.  Peter Haack M39, running in the M35 prelims had the seventh fastes time.  Live results are HERE. You can click on the race results to see the truncations in some of the results. Hopefully they'll get it fixed.

Jim Schoffman on the weather: "Couldn't have asked for better weather. 80's in the day. After surviving 2006 championship's in Charlotte with heat index around 110, this is a treat."

News: TCTC Kids XC Program; Keifer; Park Point 5 Mile; Dent Dash 5K, Kampf

TCTC Kids Cross Country League program information HERE.

Northfield News on Northfield HS's Alexis Keifer who two Beach Vault competitions HERE

Preview of the Park Point 5-Mile from the Duluth News Tribune is HERE.

Perham Focus article on the Dent Dash 5K complete with a link to the results is HERE.

Heather Kampf's  Bruges, Belgium canal shot HERE.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

News: Abda 4th in Liege 800; USATF MN All Comers; Mead; Leuven Training Run; Kara Goucher Marathon Training Tips

Gopher grad Harun Abda fourth in Liege 800 in 1:46.31. Result is HERE.

USATF Minnesota All Comers results: Meet #4 HERE

Hassan Mead driving "the snake" HERE.

Eric Finan takes a running selfie along the Leuven canal with
Heather Kampf and Jon Peterson

Kara Goucher video of marathon training tips is HERE.

Good read on a NJ linebacker turned miler is HERE.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

News: Grunewald, Finan, Lightening, Extreme Exercise and the Heart

Team USA Minnesota's Gabe Grunewald paced the 5K at the Spitzen Leichtathletik Luzern meet but didn't drop out.  She continued running and finished fifth in a PR of 15:33.64. Result is HERE.

Eric Finan's blog on the Letterkenny Sub 4 Challenge experience is HERE.

Lightening hits Ultra HERE. A problem for outdoor events, but how do you stop an ultra?

New Yorker article written by a cardiologist that attempts to explain the various theories surrounding "extreme" exercise and its potential impact on the heart is HERE

Monday, July 14, 2014

News: Bryce Miller, Kiefer, Hollis, Marshall Regional T&F Complex, Trail Running, Sirra, Heath

One we missed from the US Junior Champs, Ashland HS(WI) Bryce Miller finished second in the 3K Steeplechase in a PR of 9:04.4 to earn a spot on the US team for the IAAF Junior World Championships to be held in Eugene, OR on July 22-27.

Northfield News story on Alexis Kiefer, Northfield HS vaulter who qualified for the Junior Olympics by clearing 13' at the USATF Region 8 JO meet last weekend is HERE. Kiefer is planning on vaulting at the Brits Pub Vault in August.

Pole vaulter Mark Hollis goes higher in Austria.  Hollis, who is scheduled to jump in the Brits PubVault on August 30-31 in Minneapolis, vaulted 5.56m/18'2.9" on Friday to win his event in a meet in Ried, Austria.  Today he cleared 5.76m/18'11" to win vault at the Gugl Games in Linz, Austria. Result is HERE.

Marshall Independent news item on the groundbreaking for the Marshall Track and Field Complex is HERE.

Running Times' Jonathan Beverly's homage to Trail Running is HERE.

Perham Focus brief summary of Perham High grad Jonathon Sirra's seventh place finishes in the shot and discus as a member of the US team at the Down Under Games in Australia.  Results HERE.

Magic Redux: story on the Northport trio HERE.

Garrett Heath doing the runner/tourist/photo thing at the London Eye HERE.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Peterson fourth in Letterkenny AC Sub 4 Minute Mile Challenge; Leer; Mead; USATF Club Championships, Stacey Sagedahl, Run to Work

Runners assembled on starting line for the Letterkenny AC Sub 4-Minute
Mile Challenge
Team USA Minnesota's Jon Peterson finished fourth in the Letterkenny AC Sub 4-Minute Mile Challenge in 4:00.54, a PR.  Teammate Eric Finan was ninth in 4:06.92. Results are HERE. Photos from the event are HERE. Video is HERE.

Updates on Morton Mile: Will Leer's fan club is HERE.  Video of race is HERE.

Hassan Mead up at altitude for some training in St. Moritz HERE.

Results, finally, from USATF Club Championships are HERE. Melissa Agnew, third in 1500 in 4:28.93 and fourth in the 800 in 2:13.82.  Cole Toepfer seventh in the men's 1500 in 4:04.24.  TCTC ninth in women's team standings, men 21st.

Farimont Sentinel article on Stacey Sagedahl, who ran a marathon in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Some advice she got before her marathon in Alaska"They showed us the difference between bear and moose scat. It was important in case we ran across one or the other on the trail."  Article is HERE.  According to the 50 States Marathon Club website list 29 Minnesotans have done the 50 states, list of US club members broken down by state is HERE

Outside article on running commutes to and/or from work is HERE.

Another photo from the Euro travels of Minnesota runners.  This one is of Luzern, Switzerland by Gabe Grunewald HERE.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Grunewald Wins 1500 in Belgium; Kampf 8th in 800 , Heath 10th in 1500 in Glasgow, Agnew 3rd USATF Club Champs 1500; Podominick; Smith

Women at the starting line of the 1500 in Kortrijk
Team USA Minnesota's Gabe Grunewald won the 1500 at the Guldensporen Flanders Cup Meet in Kortrijk in 4:07.70.   Result is HERE.  Her teammate Heather Kampf finished eighth in the 800 in 2:01.15 in the Sainsbury's Glasgow Diamnond League Meet on Saturday. Result is HERE.  Garrett Heath was tenth in the 1500 in 3:35.89. Result is HERE.  Street view of the canal in Kortrijk HERE.

TCTC's Melissa Agnew third in the USATF Club Championships 1500 in Tacoma.  Video HERE.

Chicagoland Throws Series winners, Liz Podominck and Jared Schuurmans.
Liz Podominick wins Elite Women's Discus at the Chicagoland Throws Series.  Results HERE.

Sun Sailor story on Wayzata grad, Cornell-bound quarter miler Michael Smith is HERE.