Saturday, August 29, 2015

2014 Women's Medtronic TC Marathon Champ, Esther Erb 24th in IAAF Worlds Marathon

Results are HERE.

Sneaker Culture Exhibit

Science: Emotional Intelligence or The Power of Positive Thinking?

The latest in mental training is tagged as "Emotional Intelligence," which is being championed by German researcher Sylvain Laborde.  Could also be labelled the power of positive thinking.  HERE.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Barbora Špotáková Qualifies for Women's Javelin Final

Gopher grad Barbora Špotáková qualifies for the women's javelin final with the third longest throw of the prelims.  Summary and results are HERE.

Science: IT Band and Stored Energy

Research indicates that the IT band is more than a "stabilizer" and potential injury site.  It also stores energy, one of the unexplored areas of what role connective tissue plays in running HERE.

"Crash Bros" Get Together; More Good vs. Evil; Bolt "Sunset"
More on the Good vs. Evil hype HERE.

BBC prematurely writing the final stages of Bolt's career HERE.

MDRA Como Park Relays 10 times 1K Results

MDRA Como Park Relays 10 times 1K Results HERE

Last race in  the series(8 times a mile) run on Wednesday.  Will post them when they are available.

Good vs.Evil and the Segway

After getting run over by a camerman on a Segway.  Usain Bolt managed to get some humor out of it:
"Their rivalry in Beijing had been cast by some as "Good vs. Evil" because Gatlin served a four-year doping suspension midway through his career. By the end of their second showdown, however, they were joking with each other like boyhood buddies.
Explaining the cameraman incident to reporters, Bolt said: "The rumor I'm trying to start right now is that Justin Gatlin paid him off."
Gatlin, sitting beside him, retorted: 'I want my money back. He didn't complete the job.'" HERE.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Michael Johnson on how to Combat Doping

Morgan Place, Second Griak HOF Inductee Feature

Interview with Edina Girl's XC coach Matt Gabrielson

MDRA's Heidi Miler Retiring After a Quarter Century of Service

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hormone Irisin Helps the Heart

Some clues to how a hormone, irisin, helps the heart HERE.

B of A Chicago Marathon Drops "Rabbits"

No more rabbits(pacers) for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon HERE.

Commentary: They were Looking for a Scandal, but got a Footrace Instead

By Jim Ferstle
Under different circumstances Sunday's IAAF Championships men's 100 would have been hyped as a potential race of the century.  Multi Olympic and World champion, Usain Bolt, against his recently unbeaten challenger, Justin Gatlin, also an Olympic and World champion.  Both had run world records in the 100 meters. One represented the US, the other Jamaica, two of the world's top producers of elite Olympic sprinters.

 Alas, Gatlin had flunked two drug tests.  Been banned during his prime, but was coming back and dominating the sport.  Hadn't lost a race in two years.  Bolt had never lost an Olympics or World title aside from in 2011 when he false started.  Yes, he had been hindered by injuries for the past two years, but he still is Usain Bolt, world recordholder, the dominant sprinter in the World since 2008. Bolt emerged that year in the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing, site of this year's IAAF Championships as well as the the 2008 Olympics.  Three gold medals. Three world records.

Gatlin had won double gold for the US in the 2005 Helsinki World Championships. His only blemish then was a doping ban when he was a collegiate runner for a stimulant that was also a medication that Gatlin had taken when being treated for Attention Deficit Disorder. He was the Bolt of his time, but in 2006 he was banned again, this time for testosterone. In Gatlin's absence, Bolt ascended to the throne. Ran eye-popping World Records in both the 100 and 200 and anchored Jamaica's 4 by 100 relay team to the World Record.

Bolt became the face of track & field, Athletics, worldwide. For the last seven years he's been at the top of his events on the track, but also has been the consummate entertainer. Sports Illustrated writer Tim Layden summed up a typical Bolt championship season as spending the early season flying around the world promoting his sponsors, running some mediocre early season race times, then dominating the big stage, whether that be World Championships or the Olympics. The last two years Bolt has added to the drama because of injuries and less than perfect preparation for the end of season big shows.

Another element that changed during that time was Gatlin. Determined to attempt to take back what had been his, Gatlin slowly demonstrated that he was a legitimate contender to the titles both men wanted. Gatlin had lost what perhaps would have been his prime years as a sprinter. The chance to get closer to the dazzling times Bolt had posted at Olympic and World Championships. In response to those who questioned his PRs this year, Gatlin said that the years he was not competing because of the second doping ban gave his body less stress, more reserves.

He was fresher than he would have been had he been competing during the four years he was on the sidelines. Another take on that time was that he might have run even faster than he has now. He might have run 9.6 or even challenged Bolt's 9.58 World Record in the 100. He would have had Bolt to compete against. The duo might have had epic battles at the 2008 Games and again in 2012. Instead their epic encounter had to wait until this year in Beijing. Instead of being portrayed in the media as the Hollywood good guy vs bad guy match up, it would have been the two best sprinters in the world going mano a mano.

Gatlin would not have had to wear the pejorative "drugs cheat" moniker attached to him in the hype surrounding this year's match up. The pre race stories would not be feeding off the coverage of the multiple doping scandals that dominated the news about Athletics leading up to this year's championships. Instead the talk would be about a mere footrace. Who is the fastest? In an era of sensationalism instead of journalism, however, we have the "white hat" against the "black hat." The hero vs the villain. The champion vs the cheat. Why talk about a mere footrace, when you can have all that tabloid drama?

Podcast Interview with Team USA MN Coach Dennis Barker

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kiel Uhl: First of 8 Features on Griak HOF Inductees

Shobukhova Not Yet Cleared to Compete

It could be merely be a matter of the words used, or more importantly those not used, but there is confusion over the status of Russian marathoner Liliya Shobukhova.  While the reduction in her ban announced yesterday by WADA is correct in saying she is “eligible” to compete now, she has not met all of the conditions necessary before she can be  fully cleared to compete, at least in any event sanctioned by the IAAF.  

The IAAF rules require repayment of the ill gotten gains(prize and appearance money paid to her during the time covered by her ban—2009 to 2012).  She also has to have been drug tested according to the rules set out for return to competition testing before she can compete.  Both conditions need to be met before Shobukhova can race again in IAAF competition.  Since the IAAF controls who can or cannot compete in major international competitions, such as the Olympics, that also means that Shobukhova cannot run in the Olympics in Rio unless she completes the necessary requirements.

Monday, August 24, 2015

NDSU's Erin Teschuk in Beijing

Teschuk finished tenth in her qualifying heat with a personal best of 9:40.07 and did not qualify for the finals.
Result is HERE.

Hassan Mead Beijing Photo

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Heather Kampf Interview, Crim 10-Mile Result

Interview with Heather Kampf after she won the Crim Michigan Mile HERE.
On Saturday, Kampf also finished 14th in the Crim 10-Mile in 58:54.

Bob Powers: 91 and Still Going Strong

100: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Meghan Peyton Interview

Interview with Team USA Minnesota's Meghan Peyton is HERE.

Long Jump "Snow Angels" at the World Champs

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Four MN Girls', Two Boys' Teams Ranked in Preseason NCA HS DII Top 25

Four MN Girls' Teams(Perham, Annandale, Fairmont, Waseca) Two Boys'(Mora, Perham) Ranked in NCA HS DII Top 25  Rankings HERE

Edina Boys Ranked 4th in MileSplit Preseason Rankings

Jaret Carpenter, Megan Hasz in Top 10 of NCA Presason HS XC Rankings

Wayzata's Jaret Carpenter is ranked seventh among the boys and Jefferson-Alexandria's Megan Hasz is ninth among the girls in the NCA All American XC Preseason rankings HERE. Megan's twin sister Bethany not mentioned on the list?  I guess only one per family is considered for the NCA rankings.

Hopkins and Edina boys; Wayzata and Edina girls among top 25 teams HERE.

Mason Ferlic "Dive" Photo Tops Web Page

Mead 15th in WC 10K

Results with splits HERE.

Track & Field News Predictions for IAAF World Championships

Track & Field News Predictions for IAAF World Championships are HERE(women) and HERE(Men)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Updadted: Heather Kampf Wins Crim Michigan Mile; John Simons 5th in Men's Mile

Heather Kampf won the Crim Michigan Mile.  Results are HERE.

John Simons was fifth in the men's pro mile.  Results are HERE.

Strib Story on Retired Wayzata Coach Bill Miles

Strib columnist Pat Reusse on retired Wayzata coach Bill Miles HERE.

MIAC XC Preview

Strib Feature on Hassan Mead

Thursday, August 20, 2015

2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials to be Broadcast Live

A comeback Story Looking for a Happy Ending

NSIC Women's XC Team Preason Rankings

NSIC Women's XC Preseason team rankings   HERE

NSIC Men's XC Preseason Team Rankings

NSIC Men's XC Preseason team rankings  HERE

Mason Ferlic Feature